Following the release of the Disintegration EP on the new digital arts label, Dazzle of Fog, which consisted of a series of remixes form the forthcoming 'Before the Birds' album - available to buy on iTunes/amazon etc on the 31st of March, 2014.  

March 2014 - Grey Goo Teaser trailer

I recently scored the teaser trailer for a new realtime RTS PC game called 'Grey Goo’ to be available on Steam - nanobots taking over the world Produced by axis animation - should be an interesting game!


Feb 2014 - Drakensang Online

Produced by Axis animation to help push their continued promotional efforts for Drakensang Online, Bigpoint has released a brief 48-second cinematic trailer that depicts three different characters caught up in what they hope will be a triumphant battle. Stunning detailed CG.